Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Christmas Pics

This year I had some fun ideas for Baron and his pictures. It involved ALOT of candy. He did really well for the most part but near the end, he was bouncing off the walls from the sugar rush, and I knew he was done.

120510 (23)_edited-2120510 (128)_edited-1 120510 (87)_edited-1120510 (133)_edited-1  collage   120510 (47)_edited-1 120510 (72)_edited-1120510 (12)_edited-1120510 (155)_edited-1 120510 (75)_edited-1

1 comment:

Krista P said...

LOVE the ear flap hat and glasses. You know, it just doesn't get any cuter, does it? :)

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