Thursday, December 9, 2010


Again this year we headed to Santa’s Magical Kingdom to look at all the lights and have Baron sit on Santa’s lap. He seems to be enjoying it more and more as the years progress. I was a little worried this year because he was starting to say that he didn’t want to sit on Santa’s lap but once we were waiting in line, he couldn’t wait to get a peek of the big guy.

It was our turn and they called our names and Baron went right in and sat on his lap. No issues…Santa asked what Baron wanted to Christmas and he said he wanted a prize. I wish that we could have had a different picture printed but according to the photographer, Santa wasn’t looking directly at the camera even though Baron was and smiling. Anyway, we were happy and the picture looks a little uncomfortable but that’s the one they chose.





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Krista P said...

'I will not look at the camera no matter how many times you all say my name" :)

He seems SO interested in everything around him. I think that means he's a genius. Too bad they can't give the kids more time too scope the scene out first. He did a really great job.

We've given up on seeing santa ;)

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