Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Jumpy House!

This was the big gift that we couldn’t wait to give to Baron. There were many times where Rob had to talk me out of giving it to him early…it was that bad. I knew he would love it. We set it up the night before and was shocked that it took less than a minute to inflate. Christmas morning we opened gifts, had breakfast and then headed down to the basement for one last surprise. It took some talking into for Baron to leave his new toys upstairs but he finally came. You’ll see from the video his excitement. The kid was PUMPED! He couldn’t believe that it was his. He was so sweaty after what seemed like hours of jumping that we finally had to drag him upstairs to get ready to head next door.

122510 (59)_edited-1

  122510 (179)_edited-1

 122510 (47)_edited-1

 122510 (45)_edited-1

 122510 (180)_edited-1

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