Friday, January 21, 2011

It’s snow time!

When Baron woke up from his nap, we got dressed as quickly as possible and headed out. Baron was pumped and it took a while to lay down the track because of so much snow. Rob was thankfully doing that while Baron made several snow angels. Once that was done, it was Baron’s turn to try it. He’s such a trooper and was happy to go down on his own. The sleds we have are pretty quick and he enjoyed every bit of it. We were only out there for an hour but that was enough. Baron’s gloves were coming off and it was getting cold.

Speaking of gloves. It is so hard to find good gloves for little kids. Maybe Baron’s hands were too big but the mittens we had for him would not go on fully and once you thought you had them all the way on, there seemed to be a half an inch of room left over. So frustrating…

 012010 (60)_edited-1

 012010 (23)_edited-1 012010 (47)_edited-1

 012010 (40)_edited-1

 012010 (35)_edited-1

 012010 (28)_edited-1


012010 (51)_edited-1



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