Friday, January 21, 2011

Snow Day

Finally a substantial amount of snow. Numerous times since we have lived out here they have called for over 6 inches but of course we would never get it. Until yesterday…

I loved it. There is nothing like waking up, looking outside the window and noticing pure white snow, blanketing the ground. Baron loved it and the first thing out of his mouth that morning was, “we don’t have any school, mommy” like he was the one that took the call from the school at 6am. I headed out at lunch time to see if Reinhardt would run around and I could take some shots. That took a little coaxing into and he only lasted a short amount of time. When he was done, he would hold his paw up and wait near the garage door. I guess he could use some snow booties. Now, that would be cute.

012010 (4)_edited-1

012010 (17)_edited-1

012010 (24)_edited-1

012010 (31)_edited-1

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