Monday, February 7, 2011

Snow Bored

Snowmageddon as what they were calling it. Umm yea right. I was pretty frustrated that this was a big miss on the weather mans part. Here they freak everyone out that there is going to be 1” of ice along with 15” of snow to follow. The stores were packed and it was chaos as the blizzard of 2011 was nearing. Yes, I will say that many to the west did get a TON of snow, of that which I am very jealous, but we hardly got anything! On the flip side, it was nice that we had Baron home a few days but you really can’t make a snowman out of sleet can you? That’s all that he wanted to do. Poor kid just didn’t understand.

So we played in the basement, made necklaces, colored, painted and had a mock school day with all of his cars lined up on the carpet. That was the cutest thing of all. He was Mr. Baron the teacher and the cars, lined in a semi circle, were his students. He would do all the same things as they do in class. They had circle time, and Jesus time. He even told the cars that they can’t get up until their name is called.

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 020211 (2)

 020211 (3)_edited-1

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 020111 (15)_edited-1

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 020111 (29)_edited-1


1 comment:

Tanya Cunningham said...

Dear Baron,

"I like all your music and videos. Thank you for your dear mommy. She is so kind and she likes me to come to your house."




I was showing Avalon your latest post and she loved it. She especially liked the video of Baron with the "necklaces." She was excited she could leave Baron a message, so the above is right out of her own little mouth.

Tanya :)

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