Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Valentine Card Shoot

While picking up Baron from school on Tuesday, I was reminded of his Valentine’s party on Thursday. I had totally forgot and hadn’t done a thing. Since I’m new at this and not really knowing what to do, my sister thankfully stepped in and gave me some pointers. No don’t go with the 8 x 10 framed picture of Baron for all his classmates, instead go with something smaller and perhaps some candy. Glad she clarified that.

Baron was an awesome subject for the pictures. I got him up early from the nap and Rob was nice enough to help out. It’s amazing what one strawberry blow pop can get the kid to do. Too bad that doesn’t work on Rob ;)

020811 (5)_edited-3

020811 (120)_edited-1   020811 (18)_edited-1

020811 (76)_edited-1

 020811 (140)_edited-1

 020811 (85)

 020811 (92)_edited-1

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