Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Annual Cookie Bake

The day after Thanksgiving, Rob and I held the annual cookie bake. This event has been going on for as long as I can remember. I think that my Grandma Margie started it and usually held it after Thanksgiving. The parents would drop off the kids and she would let us all make the cookies with her help. It was so much fun and I have many fond memories of it. She held the last cookie bake a couple of years ago and Rob and I had to continue the tradition.
Candon and Griffin made peanut butter cookies, Brooklyn and Taylyn made Buckeyes, and Elizabeth and Jacob made chocolate chip cookies. After we did those, they all rolled out their own sugar cookies to decorate later. It really turned out well, however, everyone knew to eat at their own risk.

After the kids rolled out the sugar cookies and ate lunch. Rob and I had been working all week on a scavenger hunt. The pictures were the clues, and the clues were hidden all over the property. I think there was a total of 23 clues and it ended with a buried treasure. I thought it was well planned and the kids totally got a kick out of it, especially at the end.

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