Sunday, October 25, 2009

Pumpkin Run 5k



I think that this is the 4th time that we have run this 5k and it's by far our most favorite. This year, we were told there were over 2000 participants. With it being so close to Halloween, many choose to dress up. I don't see how some people can run a 5K or 10k at a fast speed let alone dressed fully in a gorilla costume or Santa but they did. If definitely makes the run more enjoyable.
Baron was a good lil boy as usual. When we first got there, he spotted the balloons right away and just had to have one. Thank goodness they were able to give him one because then I knew the whole way I would be hearing "ballooooooooooooon". I just wish I would have tied the balloon lower so that I wouldn't have had to battle that stinking balloon hitting my face every other stride.

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